Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger


Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger


The shell and tube heat exchanger is the most common of various types of unfired heat transfer equipments used in industry. Although it is not especially compact, it is robust and its shape makes it well suited to pressure operation. It is also versatile and it can be designed to suit almost any application. Except for the special purpose air cooled heat exchanger , it is usually the only type which can be considered for large surface area having pressures greater than 30 bar and temperature greater than 260 °C. This type of heat exchanger is widely used in Power Sector as  HP, MP & LP boiler feed water heater, Paper Industry, Petrochemicals, Refineries etc.,

Fin & Tube Construction

Our extended surface heat exchangers are made with exclusive fin construction combined with “staggered tube design”. Finned tube modules, made from carbon steel material, are hot dip galvanized while the other modules ( Viz.Stainless steel , copper, cupro nickel, admiralty brass tubes  ) are expanded mechanically in case of plate fin which assures metal contact between the tubes and fin collar . Fins are continuous across the entire height and depth and hence cleaning is simplified and air flow resistance is held to a minimum . The headers are of the “distributing type” wherein fluid is distributed through properly orificed inner tubes which effects uniform flow distribution and temperature across entire heater area. The frame will be channel shape fabricated from carbon steel sheets . “G” type and “L” type fins are manufactured on special machine.

Finned Tube Type Heat Exchanger

Leveraging on our dedicated team of Design and production Engineers, we offer a wide range of finned tube heat exchangers which are available in various Fin Configurations. Known for its efficiency and  high heat transfer design, our finned tube heat exchangers are very well accepted in the market and are being supplied  to OEMs for almost 3 decades continuously. Available in customized options, heat exchangers are fabricated using materials such as Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Copper, Admiralty brass & Cupro nickel for Tubes and fins. Following are the common applications.

  • Steam coil air pre heaters.
  • Heaters using thermic fluid.
  • Process air coolers
  • Oil coolers
  • Air cooled heat exchangers /Air cooled steam condensers (ACC)








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  • Designed to perform well under critical conditions with great versatility.
  • Inspected and tested under rigid quality controlled standards.
  • Assures top performance and durability.
  • Highest quality materials used in construction.
  • Designed with latest computerized programs and manufactured using the most modern methods.
  • Guaranteed for 18 months for process performance and against poor workmanship.
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