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C Doctaire Panther Vacuum Cleaners

Doctaire Sturtevant  are leaders in the design and manufacture of specialized suction cleaning equipments and systems.  The Panther is a standard unit widely used for heavy duty single operator use and is suitable for continuous operation.  The Sturtevant range comprises many other types, for which we can provide detailed specifications upon request.


High suction power, with multi stage air turbine for real industrial performance with long hoses and heavy materials. Trouble free induction motor with belt drive.  Versatile multi-application capability for handling liquid, toxic dust, bulk materials, including operation in explosion hazard areas.  Compact design width of only 56 cm, passes easily through narrow gaps. Ease of emptying - no stooping or heavy lifting. Completely enclosed mechanical components for extra safety.


Panther heavy duty suction cleaners for industry offer high suction performance, plus the assurance of continuous operation without fear of breakdown. The Panther design also accommodates an impressive range of power source options to suit client's special needs: propane, petrol and compressed air drive, as well as 3 phase electric.  Panther units can be specified for liquids pick-up, asbestos and other toxic dust removal, bulk materials collection, operation in explosion hazard situations and in areas of sound sensitivity.  Features additional to the basic unit include a 23 liters internal metal bin, disposable paper sacks, high efficiency after filters, a front floor nozzle, and exchange lids for special applications.  Panther suction cleaners are fitted with a standard hose inlet of 50 mm bore, and require an adaptor when used with 40 mm or 30 mm bore hose.


Panther machines can be used with hoses of 50 mm, 40 mm and 30 mm bore and nearly 100 different tools are available.  However, the standard set detailed here is specified for most general cleaning duties.

  • 50 mm [nominal] x 40 mm [nominal] reducing bush
  • 355 mm floor brush tool
  • 380 mm squeegee floor nozzle on wheels
  • 115 mm hand tool
  • 305 mm crevice tool
  • 100 mm dia round dusting brush
  • curved floor handle. 


It includes a 4 stage turbo exhauster with belt drive from a 3 hp 3 phase TEFC induction motor fitted with push button direct on line starter. The standard Panther includes removable access panels, rubber tyred wheels, filter bags, sealing ring and bin lid with 50 mm tapered hose inlet. Supplementary equipment available at extra cost includes wet and dry interceptors, internal bin, disposable paper bag attachment, high efficiency after filters for toxic dusts and adjustable front floor nozzle for floor cleaning.


It can be supplied to a variety  of specifications to satisfy individual requirements. These include flameproof, petrol, propane or air motors instated of standard TEFC electric induction motor drive. Special Panther versions with soundproofing, parking brake, integral toolbox and other features can be supplied to order.


While the standard Panther is itself versatile its application can be greatly extended if used with a separate interceptor. This can be either be or proprietary Sturtevant design, or a standard bin or skip modified by the fitting of a Sturtevant high efficiency cyclone head.


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