Designed and engineered to produce suction from 2 to 10 ins [50 mm to 250 mm] mercury for air pressure from 1 to 8 psi [0.07-0.56 kg/cm2].

Doctaire Sturtevant Turbo exhausters and blowers are constructed for continuous duty, every day, year after year with out adjustments or replacement, minimizing the need for maintenance.


  • Straightforward design, with no fine internal clearance or wearing parts requiring lubrication.
  • Air delivered is free from oil vapor, moisture or other contamination. Air is also completely uniform and free from pulsation.
  • Power consumption varies with the volume of air delivered.
  • No need for relied valves or other safety devices because Doctaire-Sturtevant incorporate self-unloading.


These are some of the many applications of Doctaire-Sturtevant Turbo-Exhausters & Blowers. We will also gladly put our experience to work for you on any application requiring air under suction or pressure and welcome all new problems.

  • Pneumatic Conveying

  • Garment Pressing

  • Steam and Condense extracting

  •  Gas Blowing & Boosting.

  • Aeration of Powders

  •  Furnace Blowing

  • Agitation of liquids

  •  Paper coating

  •  Pneumatic

  •  Cooling & Drying.

  •  Vacuum Cleaning


An exhauster or blower consists of a rotating system of shaft and impellers operating in specially designed inlet, outlet and intermediate sections, the whole assembly being mounted either on a combined in line or box frame mild steel fabrication assembly set down on felt under base or anti vibration mountings.


The shaft is of a high-grade carbon steel, machined and ground to accommodate the impellers & bearings. The impellers are a composite construction of castings in high-tensile Aluminium with steel shrouds riveted on, all accurately balanced and held securely on the shaft by heavy, endwise locknuts.


Castings are either in iron or aluminum to form the machines casing. Precision-machined with spigot and socket faces, and after assembly, held together by tie-bolts. The intermediate sections are provided with fixed with fixed-guide vanes for the efficient conversation of air velocity into pressure.


Heavy duty ball and roller bearings, fitted in the easily accessible external grease packed housings bolted to the inlet and outlet sections, are used in all machines.


Doctaire-Sturtevant Turbo-Exhausters and Blowers are usually vee-rope driven from electric motors. In the larger size the machines can be direct coupled to electric motors. Guidance dimensions of standard units from 6X5 to 12X10 are available with us for space allocation. Normally no holding don bolts are required.

Additional units are available from 6X3 to 14X8. Size, number of stages and speed are selected to suit the customer's exact requirements. Clients are therefore invited to state their application.

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